Professional Development

Beaufort County School District staff members have the opportunity to engage in professional development opportunities throughout the school year. Learning engagements for staff are tied to the key initiatives of the district for the next three years which include: Literacy, Numeracy, Curriculum Alignment, and Technology. Each of these focus areas are aimed at maximizing student achievement and success in our schools.

Professional development is delivered and practiced in a variety of ways throughout the year to include: consulting, coaching, mentoring, demonstrating, seminars, learning communities, teams, peer supervision, technical assistance, and a variety of others. The knowledge, skills and learning opportunities that are provided to our staff are also varied and can be described as individualized, collaborative, instructive, and informational. Staff members have the opportunity to learn from one another and from other experts in a number of educational areas.

Continuous learning is demonstrated at its best during the annual Summer Institute. During a selected week each summer, teachers gather for a week to learn strategies and practices that will enhance student growth and achievement. The Summer Institute provides numerous sessions that help enhance teacher knowledge, skill, and understanding of student learning and achievement. The teaching tools provided are intended to augment and refine the skills and learning that all teachers need to be successful in the classroom.

Please check Professional Growth for upcoming professional development opportunities in the district. For more information on professional development offerings and certificate renewal procedures, please email Carolyn JenkinsMy Learning Plan Assistant.