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The need for positive influence in the lives of today’s young men is ever growing. Incarceration rates are staggering; college graduation rates are poor. The idea of being a “real man” has been smeared and obscured by the negative influence of music, television, and other avenues of mass media. While being distracted by the negatives young males tend to miss out on gaining the tools they need to empower themselves and their peers. Education, financial literacy, health and wellness, good manners and etiquette are just some of the key values needed to be instilled that get overlooked or short-sided.

Young men need to be motivated to become strong, educated and equipped men. This target group traditionally starts having low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a major ingredient for bad attitudes and lack of confidence. These issues must be addressed from “ground level” in both individual and peer group settings. Peer pressure often is the motor that drives negative outcomes for this group and today’s young men need to be taught and shown examples of how to become leaders. Early implementation of manhood training and life skills as well as coaching strategies are key to curving these issues.

E3 was designed with the idea in mind to serve as a counter to the negative influences that stagnate academic advancements of young males. The idea is to create and provide a positive environment outside of the classroom experience for young males to grow. Aligning the mentoring staff to include young males in the younger age bracket along with male adults will allow seamless relationships to unfold without common barriers typically associated with groups. Having young men fellowship with mentors that look like them, speaks their language, and can relate to the issues they face every day.

Our program will teach coping skills, community stewardship, etiquette and manners, history and culture of Beaufort County, and self-awareness. Our goal is to follow a selected (previous 100 Voices participants) group of sixth (6th) grade students through high school graduation while teaching them to demonstrate more positive attitudes towards life. We also will tour colleges, and attend school social events throughout the years as enhancements to their futures!

2017-2018 E3 Curriculum
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For more information on E3, please contact Instructional Services at 843-322-5417 or 843-322-5429.