Data Services

Data Services

Mission Statement
The mission of the Data Services Department is to establish and implement high standards and procedures for state-wide and system-wide testing programs, data collection, and data analysis in order to provide accurate and valid student achievement data that drive the decision making process for program evaluation in Beaufort County.

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BCSD Enrollment 45th Day of 13-14
BCSD Enrollment 45th Day of 14-15
BCSD Enrollment 45th Day of 15-16
BCSD Enrollment 45th Day of 16-17
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Daniel Fallon
Director of Accountability
(843) 322-5453

Kellie Pendley
Coordinator of Assessment
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Brett Fritz
Data Coordinator
(843) 322-0802

Dr. Brooke Rowe
Data Support Coordinator
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Lynette Green
Student Information Manager
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Crystal Mixson
Data Technician

Jada Gray
Administrative Support