Listed below are some primary responsibilities of the Purchasing Department:

  • Ensure the District is in compliance with the Procurement Code

  • Maximize the purchasing value of District Funds

  • Write and issue all RFP's and RFQ's

  • Monitor the spending of District Funds - Ensuring Board Policies are being followed

  • Oversee the Purchasing Card Program

  • Review and convert requisitions into purchase orders

  • Oversee the copier and Risograph contracts - District-wide

  • Administer Construction Procurement

Helpful Links

Other Purchasing Guidelines
How to write a SOW (Scope of Work)
Working With Beaufort County School District - Vendor Handbook
Procurement Card Internal Controls

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter a requisition in excess of $2,500?
 Any dollar amount can be entered as long as the following procedures are followed:

  • Small purchases not exceeding $2,500 may be made without seeking quotes if the prices are considered reasonable.

  • Purchases from $2,500.01 - $10,000.00 require solicitations of written quotes from three (3) qualified sources.

Are any purchases exempt from spending limits? The following items are exempt from purchasing procedures:

  • Books, periodicals, newspapers, technical pamphlets, standardized tests, testing materials, and copyrighted educational materials

  • Travel

Team Member Contact Information

Jennifer Hamblin, Director of Budget and Internal Controls
(843) 322-5928

Kaylee Yinger, Procurement Coordinator
(843) 322-2349

Kari Grunder, Procurement Specialist
(843) 322-2417