Teacher Technology Proficiency

The following is an annual plan to be completed by teachers to meet Technology Proficiency as determined by the Beaufort County School District.


  1. All teachers complete an annual Needs Assessment by November 1.

  2. Teachers whose certification expires at the end of the current school year will complete the Technology Proficiency form, which includes teachers documenting evidence of technology integration by May 31. Teachers, whose certification does not expire, will continue to integrate technology into curricular units.

  3. Teachers will maintain a classroom webpage (see School Webmaster for expectations).

  4. Teachers will participate in a minimum of 30 hours documented in My Learning Plan of instructional technology professional development over their 5 year certification period.


  1. Teachers will set their own technology goal via their My Learning Plans Goal Based Evaluations to be reviewed by principals. (Principal’s Choice)


Needs Assessment—The Educational Technology Coaches will design and distribute a Technology Needs Assessment survey to each teacher. All teachers should complete this assessment by November 1st. This will help Technology Coaches understand the needs of each staff member and assist in forming authentic, meaningful technology trainings.

Technology Integration Form (Online)—The technology integration form allows a time for teachers to reflect on how they are integrating technology into the curriculum. Teachers whose certification expires at the end of the school year will complete the online form by May 31. This can be done at any point in the year.

Teachers whose certification does not expire at the end of the current school year, will show how they integrate technology through their curriculum maps in Rubicon Atlas. 

Classroom Website Expectations (See School Webmaster for Help) — All teachers are expected to have a classroom webpage. See your School Webmaster for expectations and requirements. 

Professional Development Hours—Teachers will participate in at least 30 technology professional development hours over their five-year certification period. Hours must be documents in My Learning Plan and the class must have a technology focus. Please note, we are phasing the hours requirement in from the date this plan has been approved. See the FAQs below for details. 

Goal Based Evaluations—Principal’s may choose to utilize My Learning Plan and requiring their staff to create one personal technology goal for the year. These will be reviewed by principals during their annual goals meetings.

FAQs on BCSD Teacher Technology Proficiency

SC Department of Education Certification Status