EdTech Team Contact List

All members of the team have substantial successful teaching experiences in the public school system.  Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills that together make up a powerful and comprehensive solution to support schools in the area of technology integration, strategies and pedagogy.

EdTech Team

Colleen Beck-Ungvarsky, Director of Educational Technology | 843-322-2308

John Sullivan, iLearning Coordinator | 843-322-2386

Educational Technology Coaches
All coaches can assist all teachers. Title 1 Coaches may only visit Title 1 schools but all other coaches can travel and assist any school and any subject with flexible times. Focus Areas are provided to give you an idea of the coach’s certification - areas they have personal experience or a particular interest in, and serve as a way to narrow who to contact. 

Anne Aita, Secondary Certified, Media Specialists/CATE

Betsy Thomas, Elementary /Secondary Certified, World Languages

Jayme Grant, Elementary Certified, Special Education

Emily Harrison, Elementary Certified, Early Childhood

Eve Heaton, Title 1 Coach, Elementary/Middle Certified, Science 

Mary RizziTitle 1 Coach, Secondary Certified, English Language Arts

Estee Williams, Secondary Certified