College Applications & Entrance Testing Dates


  • Remember to watch college application deadlines. February 1st is the most common deadline for those schools with fixed date deadlines.

  • Most colleges use Rolling Admissions, which means that you can apply any time and get a decision from the college in four to six weeks.

  • Early Decision is a binding program whereby a student applies early, October 15 – November 15, and usually receives a decision within four weeks. Those accepted as Early Decision are committed to attend and withdraw all other applications

  • Some schools also offer Early Action or Early Notification. Students apply and receive a decision early, but are not committed and need not respond until May 1st. Please remember to discuss these options with your counselor.

Application Deadlines for the College of Charleston

  • Early Notification (non-binding): November 1 (Decision in late December)

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: December 1 (Notified by April 1)

  • Regular Notification: February 1 (Notified by April 1)

  • Honors College: December 1 (Separate Application Required)

  • Financial Aid: FAFSA by March 1 ​

Application Deadlines for Clemson University

  • Regular Admission: December 1 (notified by February 15 – all documentation must be received by Feb 1st)

  • Apply 2/15 – 5/7: Rolling Admissions

  • Priority for Academic Scholarships: December 31

  • Final Application Deadline: May 1

  • Financial Aid: FAFSA by March 1 ​

Application Deadlines for the University of South Carolina

  • Early Answer Deadline: October 15: Receive Decision on 12/15 or 3/15

  • Regular Admission and Special Scholarships: December 1: Receive Decision on 3/15

  • Honors College: November 15

  • Financial Aid: FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 


Register on-line at or If you are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch, there are waivers for the test fees. There are two for each test during the junior and senior years. After using the SAT waiver, an eligible student may receive 4 college application waivers. These are completed and included when mailing a transcript to the institutions. Some institutions also accept ACT waivers for applications. Remember to have your scores sent to the institutions that you may attend. There is a fee if you send them at a later date. 

SAT Test Date

Regular Deadline

Late Registration

October 5

September 5

September 23

November 2

October 3

October 21

December 7

November 8

November 25

January 25

December 27

January 14

March 8

February 7

February 24

May 3

Spril 4

April 21

June 7

May 9

May 28

ACT Test Date

Regular Deadline

Late Registration Period

Photo Upload Deadline

October 26

September 27

September 28-October 11

October 18

December 14

November 8

November 9-22

December 6

February 8

January 10

January 11-24

January 31

April 12

March 7

March 8-21

April 4

June 14

May 9

May 10-23

June 6