Teaching Through Television


Learning, Exploring, and Having Fun for our K-2

In partnership with The County Channel, for our K-2 students, BCSD presents lessons focused on second grade standards in English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science, and many also have connections to Kindergarten and first grade standards in these content areas.

Certified teachers with expertise in working with students of this age are conducting these lessons and they will be provided in English and in Spanish.

Within each lesson, the teacher:

  • Describes the focus and intent of what the student will learn and be able to do with this new knowledge
  • Models thought processes on how to use the learning
  • Asks questions to promote deeper thinking and connections to prior learning and experiences, and;
  • Provides opportunities for the student to practice with highly engaging activities while at home.

All of these lessons, in English and Spanish, are now available on The County Channel's  YouTube playlist.