National Board Certification Support

The National Board is dedicated to ensuring that more students across the country can learn from teachers who have proven themselves to be accomplished educators. For additional information, please email Suzy LangeBCSD National Board Liaison, or call (843) 322-2301.

In fiscal year 2018, the SC legislature passed a new proviso. The new legislation states that candidates must have applied with National Board prior to July 1, 2018, in order to be eligible for the annual National Board supplement.

Recertification Evaluation of National Board Certified Teachers

  • The SCDE says that ALL teachers, who hold the professional certificate, are to be evaluated every 5 years, even if they hold National Board Certification. 
  • Additionally, on p.25 of the SCDE Expanded ADEPT Support and Evaluation System Guidelines For Classroom-Based Teachers (April 10, 2018) the following is stated: 1) “All continuing contract teachers must receive a comprehensive evaluation during their year of recertification, or every five years, whichever is sooner”, 2) “ National Board Certified teachers must receive comprehensive evaluations at least every five years, even if their South Carolina recertification is less frequent.” 

Read 2 Succeed and National Board Certified Teachers

At the time an educator with National Board certification renews his or her South Carolina educator certificate beginning July 1, 2015, the educator must begin pursuing the R2S credential associated with his or her certification field(s) and employment.

Although an educator’s National Board certification and South Carolina credential may be valid for a period of ten years, completion of the R2S requirements must follow standard five-year renewal periods. For example, a teacher whose National Board certificate renews effective July 1, 2017, must earn the R2S Literacy Requirement, if applicable, by June 30, 2022. If the full R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement is required, the teacher must earn half the credits by June 30, 2022, and the remaining credits by June 30, 2027.

  • A National Board educator certified in one area must earn the R2S credential associated with that specific certification area. For example, an educator certified in Elementary Education must earn the R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement while an educator certified in Mathematics must earn the R2S Literacy Requirement.
  • A National Board educator certified in more than one field must earn the R2S credential tied to his or assigned role or position. For example, an educator certified in Early Childhood Education and Tier 1 Elementary Principal must select the R2S credential associated with his or her assignment. If the educator is teaching Early Childhood, he or she must earn the R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement. However, if the educator is assigned as an Assistant Principal, he or she must earn—at minimum—the R2S Literacy Requirement. An educator certified in multiple fields at varying R2S levels may always choose to pursue the full R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement regardless of assignment.

§ A National Board educator who completes the R2S Literacy Requirement but is subsequently assigned to a position related to the R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement must then earn the full endorsement." 

Maintenance of Certification

The registration window for the new Maintenance of Certification (MOC) will open on September 17th! NBCTs™ whose certificates are set to expire on November 18, 2021, or November 17, 2022, are eligible to complete MOC this year! CERRA is ready to support all MOC candidates. Please check their website for upcoming trainings.
    New to the District?

    NBCTs have a lot on their plates, especially when they change districts. During the transition, they often forget to update their information with the National Board. This becomes an issue when we try to confirm the dates of certification for the SCDE. Therefore, please remember to update your information here.

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