Health and Prescription Benefits

Health Benefits

Beaufort County School District State Health Plan options are: Standard Plan or Health Savings Plan

BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD of South Carolina (BCBSSC) Standard Plan, Savings Plan, Medicare Supplemental Plan
P. O. Box 100605, Columbia, SC, 29260-0605

Customer Service Center:
800-868-2520 or 803-736-1576
FAX 803-264-4204

All health plans offered through the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) Insurance Benefits are self-insured.  PEBA Insurance Benefits does not pay premiums to an insurance company.  Subscribers monthly premiums and employer contributions are placed in a trust account maintained by the state.  This account is used to pay claims and administrative expenses.  Administrative expenses comprise about 4 percent of the total program spending.

To view the PEBA Insurance Benefits Guide and the state insurance website log onto   

Insurance Premium Rates for Beaufort County School District (BCSD) and South Carolina State Employees

Health Insurance Monthly Premium Rates for 2020

Health Savings Plan

*BCSD Standard Plan
Premium Rates

S. C. PEBA Standard Plan
Premium Rates

Employee Only

$ 9.70

$ 64.40

$ 97.68


$ 77.40




$ 20.48



Full Family




*Beaufort County Schools subsidizes the *Standard Health plan premium rates only for its employees and these changes are not published by PEBA Insurance Company.
(Premium rates are subject to change.)

Comparison of Health Plans

This chart is for comparison purposes only.
For more detailed information on these plans, please refer to the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) 2020 Insurance Benefits Guide online at


State Health Plan – Savings Plan

State Health Plan – Standard Plan


Coverage Worldwide

Coverage Worldwide

Annual Deductible



(no copayments)







In-Network         Out-of-Network

Plan pays 80%      Plan pays 60%

You pay 20%        You pay 40%

In-Network              Out-of-Network

Plan pays 80%        Plan pays 60%

You pay 20%           You pay 40%

Coinsurance Maximum



In-Network         Out-of-Network

$2,400                      $4,800

$4,800                     $9,600

(excludes deductible)

In-Network              Out-of-Network

$2,800                        $ 5,600

$5,600                        $11,200

(excludes deductible & copayments)



Physicians Office Visits

No copayments

In-Network         Out-of-Network

Plan pays 80%       Plan pays 60%

You pay 20%         You pay 40%


Chiropractic - $500 limit per covered person

$12 copayment, then:

In-Network               Out-of-Network

Plan pays 80%            Plan pays 60%

You pay 20%              You pay 40%


Chiropractic -limited to $2,000 a year per covered person

Hospitalization or

Emergency Care


No copayments for outpatient facility services or emergency care.  

Outpatient facility services: $95 copayment

Emergency Care: $159 copayment then:

In-Network               Out-of-Network

Plan pays 80%             Plan pays 60%

You pay 20%                You pay 40%





Prescription Drugs

Participating pharmacies and mail order: You pay the State Health Plan’s allowed amount until your annual deductible is met. Afterward, the Plan will reimburse 80% of the allowed amount; you pay 20% in coinsurance. When the coinsurance maximum is reached, the Plan will pay 100% of the allowed amount.

Participating pharmacies only (up to 30-day supply):

$9 - Tier 1 (generic),

$42 - Tier 2 (brand higher cost alternative),

$70 - Tier 3 (brand highest cost alternative).

Mail order & Retail Maintenance Network pharmacies (up to 90-day supply):

Tier 1 = $22, Tier 2 = $105, Tier 3 = $175

Copay maximum: $3,000 (no annual deductibles)

(Tobacco users will pay a $40/month for employee or $60/month for dependents surcharge in addition to health premiums)

Prescription Benefits 

Express Scripts is the pharmacy benefits manager for the prescription benefits.
Express Scripts (State Health Plan Prescription Drug Program) 
Claims Address:  Attn: Commercial Claims 
P. O. Box 2872, Clinton, IA, 52733-2872 

Customer Service: 

An employee will receive one prescription drug benefits card from Express Scripts and you will need to present the card when you fill a prescription.  (If you need a prescription filled prior to receiving the prescription card, provide the pharmacy with the RX BIN #003858 and the RX Group #SCPEBAX and the RXPCN# A4 in addition to your Benefits Identification Number.)

Helpful information about the State Health Plan prescription drug benefits can be located on the website and the Express mobile app.  The app is compatible with most iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon and BlackBerry mobile devices and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone and Amazon app stores.

The website and mobile app offer a variety of information and tools:

  • Refill and renew your prescriptions;

  • See your order status, claims and payment history;

  • Find in-network pharmacies near you;

  • Find and compare prices with Price a Medication;

  • Check for dug interactions and alerts:

  • View up-to-date coverage information;

  • Contact a pharmacist 24/7; and

  • Get instant access to your digital member identification card.

Please refer to the PEBA Insurance Benefits Guide located online at for more information about the prescription benefits.