End of the School Year Notice

Always notify your supervisor in writing if you are resigning, retiring, or transferring employment to another South Carolina school district or state agency.  Your supervisor will submit the notification along with a Personnel Action Notice to the Human Resources Department in order to process the official request.


Submit a letter of resignation/retirement to your supervisor declaring your intent to resign or retire.   An employee's benefits will end the first of the month following the last date of employment.  

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
Once the official notification of employment change has been processed, a Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) health care packet will be mailed to the employee’s home address listed on file with Beaufort County School District’s Human Resources Department.   Please refer to the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) Insurance Benefits Guide and view the section on “When Coverage Ends.”  The Insurance Benefits Guide can be located on the PEBA Insurance Benefits website which is www.peba.sc.gov or by calling the PEBA Insurance Customer Service toll free telephone number 888-260-9430 (press prompt #1 for insurance and then #7 for customer service).

COBRA is usually only necessary for those individuals not continuing on with other employment, securing full service retirement, or may have a lapse in employment.

South Carolina State Transfer

An employee transferring to another school district or state agency within South Carolina must notify Human Resources in writing as soon as possible.  For insurance coverage to continue through the summer months with the South Carolina state plan, an employee will need to submit a copy of a contract or letter of agreement from the prospective South Carolina state employer to the Beaufort County School District Benefits Department.  Insurance coverage with the new South Carolina state employer will begin with the onset of the new contract year.  Without proof of transfer to a new school district or state agency within South Carolina, an employee will have a break in health coverage due to the loss of insurance.

Full Service Retirement

Within 30 days of your date of full service retirement, you must review eligibility and complete the required documentation, please contact:

  • South Carolina PEBA Retirement Customer Service website or call 888-260-9430.
  • Beaufort County School District Benefits Department at 843-322-2300.

PEBA Retirement TERI Program

Please note that the TERI Program ended on  June 30, 2018

PEBA Retirement telephone 888-260-9430 and  website .

Payroll Issues

Please contact the Beaufort County School District's Payroll Department to inquire about sick leave, vacation days, W-4 form or changes, direct deposit or banking information, W-2 statements, federal and/or state tax questions, or pay check notifications or issues.

Please email Tricia Baggett, Payroll Department, or call 843-322-2367; Stephanie Keane, Payroll Department, or call 843-322-2412; or Margaret Mccarthy, Payroll Department, or call 843-322-2313.