Need a lift?

Beaufort High School weightlifters Omar and C.J. Cummings are representing the USA this week at the 2015 IWF Youth World Championships in Lima, Peru.  The brothers (Omar is at left in the photo, C.J. at right) are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 on the American team.  The Beaufort County Board of Education recognized the Cummings brothers last month for their record-breaking achievements.  Both have broken American records, and both have won numerous Youth National Championships in the Amateur Athletic Union and USA Weightlifting.  They have already competed internationally, representing the USA at the 2013 IWF Youth World Championships in Uzbekistan, where they both won gold, and at the 2014 IWF Youth Pan American Championships, where Omar set youth American records and won a bronze medal and C.J. won gold.  Their coach is Ray Jones, who is with the brothers in Peru.  Omar is a sophomore at Beaufort High, while C.J. is a freshman.


UPDATE:  Omar, competing in the 77-kilogram weight class, broke two records: the American youth boys record in the clean and jerk and the American youth overall record (snatch plus clean and jerk).  Omar took home two bronze medals in the competition.