Student Accidents/ Injuries

When a student is injured at school or during a school sponsored activity or trip Risk Management should be notified.  Below are general guidelines on when to contact the Risk Manager, Jennifer Staton, (843) 322 - 2355.

  • The injury requires the student to leave school or the activity for medical treatment.
  • An ambulance is called, whether or not the student is actually transported.
  • A parent notifies the school that they have taken their child to a doctor because of an injury received at school.
  • The injury involves weather conditions.
  • The injury may have been partially or wholly caused by a physical condition of the facility. (Please forward a copy of the work order to Risk Management.)
  • The injury involves the head, neck, or spine or a fracture of any kind.
  • The parent expresses concern over the way their injured student was handled by the school.
  • Any competitive sports related injury should be reported to the Athletic Trainer and they have the forms to file a claim