2015 Fall Grant Recipients




John Cullinen

Battery Creek High

Reinventing Photography

Anthony Petrucci

Battery Creek High

Innovative Teacher Grant

Cheryl Connelly

Beaufort Middle

Civil War Inquiry Based Website Creation
Dr. Valerie Truesdale Innovative Teacher Grant Award

Melanie Blanton

Beaufort Middle

Keeping it Classic: A Junior Classical League Club

Alayne Lawson

Bluffton Early Childhood Center

Building to Enhance Writing

Racheal Threadgill

Bluffton Middle

Scholastic Math Innovative Teacher Grant

Norma Evans, Lisa Pope,
Kelly Pulaski & Willa Simpson

Coosa Elementary

Nothing could be finer than teaching SC History

Lynda Jernigan

Coosa Elementary

Get Graphic: The World in Worlds and Pictures

Beth Vargas-Giel

HHI School Creative Arts

Nutty About Language

Jennifer Smith

Hilton Head Elementary

Language Arts Differentiated Centers

Lena H. Beason

Hilton Head Elementary

Fascinating Biographies for Young Readers

Tara Cibula & Rebecca Stempel

Hilton Head Elementary

Raz-Kids App

Abby Mehle

Hilton Head Elementary

Waste Reduction Learning Resource

John Quindlen

Hilton Head High

Mini-sensor auto guidance control system

Matthew Pfeiffer

Hilton Head High

Practical Applications of Orienteering in the Lowcountry

Tiffanie Elrod

Hilton Head Middle

Literacy Improvement for Energetic Students

Brooke Mendenhall & Amy Fleury

MC Riley Elementary

Spheros Robotics Balls for Engaging Learners

Tammy Murphy

MC Riley Elementary

We're Going Green

Amy D Edwards

Mossy Oaks Elementary

Bringing DRAMA (the good kind) to 5th Grade

Suzi Prekop

Mossy Oaks Elementary


William James

Mossy Oaks Elementary

Wedging Wisdom

Bree Lauffer

Okatie Elementary

It's a Small World… Exploring the Microscopic World

Catherine May

Pritchardville Elementary

Planting the Seeds of STEM

Michelle Quisenberry,
Jennifer Taylor & Lori Ulmer

Pritchardville Elementary

Imagination in 3D

Emalee Baker, Kristen Howell,
Kyra Hartley, Jennifer Farmer,
Sarah Crowley & Randi Harms

Red Cedar Elementary

To Red Cedar… And Beyond!

Randi Harms, Kristen Howell,
Jenny Farmer,
Sarah Crowley & Kyra Hartley

Red Cedar Elementary

If we plant it, they will come

Michelle Morrison

Red Cedar Elementary

"Talk to Me"

Eric Mohrman

River Ridge Academy

Story Starter: Incorporating Literacy through LEGO Stop Animation

Samantha Ford

River Ridge Academy

Mindware Madness

Peter Grabowski & Eric Mohrman

River Ridge Academy

RRA First LEGO League Team

Christina Peth

River Ridge Academy

Story Builders

Chandra Payne,
Paula Whitaker & Emily Bryant

River Ridge Academy

Raider Garden

Christy McCullough, Jana Shea,
Austin Peay, Rhonda Parker,
Amanda Savage-Speegle,
Dori Plejdrup & Anthrown Roberts

Robert Smalls International Academy

The Green House Classroom

Euguene Brugger

Whale Branch Middle School

News 2U Interactive Social Studies Program