Rain Garden is a Hit

International Earth Day was big group effort and celebration at Bluffton Middle School as students helped to complete their multidisciplinary Rain Garden Project.  Working with Bluffton artist Amos Hummell, students from art and science classes used engineering and technology applications to collect stormwater run-off and circulate it through a decorative sculpture housed in a large pond.  Both the pond and sculpture were created by students under the tutelage of Hummell.  The students also planted native plants in and around the pond and fountain to attract and support native animal species.  Financial support was also a group effort.  A youth-based conservation group, “Greening Forward,” got the ball rolling with a $1,400 grant to Bluffton Middle School student service groups.  The Island School Council for the Arts chipped in with $500, and the school’s PTO pledged their support, too.