BCSD Induction Program Support
Beaufort County recognizes the importance of an educator’s Induction years, as it is the norms and professional ideas that are developed early in an educator’s career that dictate the future of that professional. Beaufort County School District is committed to supporting our Induction teachers through a comprehensive Induction and Mentoring Program that works to promote growth within the domains of planning, instruction, classroom environment and professionalism.

The following applies to ALL teachers with an Induction contract and are new to Beaufort County School District.

  • All Induction teachers in Beaufort County School District will be enrolled in BCSD’s Induction Program. Our Induction program is a mandatory two-year cohort program that includes structured activities and formal mentoring for teachers with an Induction contract. The Induction teacher will compile artifacts and evidence of South Carolina Teaching Standards 4.0 throughout BCSD’s Induction Program.

    • Cohort 1 - provides teachers with an understanding of the South Carolina’s Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric, including: short and long range planning, choosing instructional strategies that support mastery of objectives, developing classroom routines and procedures that assure students are safe to learn, and teacher professionalism.

    • Cohort 2 - continues to support professional growth with the South Carolina Teaching Standards 4.0 Rubric Domains of planning, instruction, environment and professionalism with an in depth look at differentiation, assessment, thinking and problem-solving.

  • Every Induction teacher will be provided with an Assistance Team. The Assistance Team will include the building principal and district mentor. The team will provide the Induction teacher with formative feedback to guide his or her professional growth and development. The Assistance Team will meet during the Fall and Winter. Building administrators will provide the Induction teacher with formative feedback on the Performance Data Guide at the conclusion of each evaluation cycle.

Induction teachers will work with both their building mentor and district mentor throughout the formative evaluation process - not to evaluate for employment purposes, but to observe, coach, and provide support and feedback in effective teaching practices. Mentors will work to meet the physical, emotional and instructional needs of the Induction teachers. Mentors will be assigned by building administrators. Teachers will have an opportunity to meet their mentors during the initial week of school. Other educators, such as coaches and department chairs, who want to support the new teacher will work closely with the mentor in order to meet the teacher’s needs.

For additional information, please contact, Adrienne Jones (843) 322-2356, Suzy Lange (843) 322-2301, or Dr. Donna Smith (843) 322-2433.